Do It For The Culture

Do It For The Culture Festival and Conference is a 3-day conference style event hosted in Kelowna, BC in June and presented by 100 Collective


o   Do It For The Culture Festival is a pivotal event for celebrating and advancing Canadian Hip Hop, R&B, and Afrobeat music culture, serving as a vital platform for both emerging and established artists. The festival features a diverse array of artists, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and contemporary vibrancy styles.


The festival includes a series of engaging conferences and workshops that focus on bringing together local and international music industry professionals, fostering collaboration and growth within the industry. With a commitment to artist development and international exposure, Do It For The Culture Festival aims to support artists in launching their careers globally.



Since its inception, Do It For The Culture Festival has showcased a dynamic lineup of artists in the beautiful city of Kelowna, British Columbia. The festival goal is to be a driving force in helping break Canadian artists by providing a platform for artists to connect with professionals that can help them reach audiences worldwide.


-          Objective:

o   The Do It For The Culture Festival serves as a pivotal platform for promoting Black Music – HipHop, R&B, Afrobeats, etc… culture within professional networks. It aims to offer a first international springboard to Canadian artists, providing them with a unique opportunity to showcase their talents on a global stage. The festival is dedicated to creating a space for sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration between participants, encouraging the exchange of ideas and experiences. Additionally, the festival seeks to promote contact and collaboration between local and foreign industries, bridging the gap and creating new opportunities for growth and development.


-          Three reasons to participate in the Do It For The Culture Festival:

o   Do It For The Culture Festival is a premier event in the Canadian music scene, drawing a diverse audience of music industry professionals and enthusiasts. With key delegates from various countries attending each year, it offers unparalleled networking opportunities and exposure for artists and industry professionals.


o   The festival's showcases feature the best of Canadian Hip Hop, R&B, and Afrobeat music, providing a platform for emerging artists to shine. By attending, you'll have the chance to discover the freshest talent from Canada and beyond, giving you an exclusive glimpse into the future stars of the music industry.



o   Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscape of the Okanagan Valley and the city of Kelowna while attending the festival. Explore picturesque vineyards, relax by the stunning lake, and indulge in the region's culinary delights. Kelowna offers a unique blend of natural beauty and urban charm, providing a memorable backdrop for your festival experience.


Do It For the Culture Con is Supported by Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia